Each night, after a long day at work or school we all sit around the table: two little girls, mom, dad. Now we are tired and hungry and most important, we are anxious to share. Share our stories and day’s experiences over a warm, home-style delicious meal. This is what Familia Fine Foods has made possible for us, by turning top ingredients into healthy and tasty dinners that we can share as a family. What we get from their wonderful assortment of meals goes beyond delicious food, we get a family experience every night. Thank you Familia!

Sincerely, Cathy and David


Hola Luis y Juliana,

Desde que mi madre me introdujo a su servicio he estado super encantada. Lo que es la calidad y variedad es insuperable comparado a otros servicios que he probado en Toronto en el último año. Hacia años que habia extrañado la comida con sabores latinos, hasta que los encontré!

No tengo nada negativo que decir. Estoy super satisfecha y espero seguir poniendo ordenes con ustedes.



‎Familia Foods has given us the opportunity to attain a family objective we thought unreachable; a daily family dinner with everyone enjoying quality food. Sitting around the table every night sharing an equally nutritious and tasteful meal makes our family stronger in all ways.

Thanks for taking care of us.

Luis Lopez