BBQ Pulled Pork (approx. 550g)

BBQ Pulled Pork (approx. 550g)

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Best BBQ pulled pork, cooked for 5 hours and then carefully selected and separated from the grease and fat. Our famous BBQ pulled pork is a real treat, versatile and delicious. Super lean and full of flavors, this is the perfect compliment to your camping, road trip, picnic or simply to enjoy anytime at home.

Pork shoulder, BBQ sauce, chicken stock, molasses, garlic, onion, carrot, celery, spices, salt.

Product Type: Frozen Food

Weight: 550 gr approx - No preservatives

Chef’s Tip: Try it with tortillas or nachos. Get a good soft bun and make your own sandwich. Mayo is a must and red cabbage goes very well with the sandwich.